Last updated: May 21, 2018
Pricing information for PharmLabs Sampling & Transportation Services

PharmLabs Scientific Sampling and Transportation service makes the compliance with California's required testing process a breeze! 

In accordance with the Medicinal and Adult-Use Cannabis Regulation and Safety Act (MAUCRSA) of California, PharmLabs has developed a specialized service to ensure that your sampling and testing comply with current regulations. A trained Scientific Sampling and Transportation Specialist (STS) will come on-site to perform the required sampling of your cannabis and cannabis products and safely transport your samples to the laboratory for testing. 

Our scientific sampling service can be requested as a one-off service to collect samples onsite and safely transport the samples to our laboratory for testing and release of your certificate of analysis. Rush pick-ups are available for an additional fee found on the chart below. 

Introducing: The PharmLabs Phamily

Because we know that testing can be the most tedious part of your business, we've made every effort to streamline the process of sampling and testing. Our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 accreditation not only ensures that you can rely on PharmLabs for all your testing needs, we want to take care of you through every step of the process. 

Our PharmLabs Phamily Plan allows you to pre-pay for your sampling on a monthly, weekly or daily basis. Through the Phamily Plan, we can ensure that a trained Sampling and Transportation Specialist can be onsite as soon as possible to perform the necessary sampling of your cannabis and cannabis products so that you can get testing results quickly and release your products to the market! 

With three laboratories serving California, we're likely already in your area and can easily arrange sampling at your convenience. Contact us today to arrange! 

The pricing shown below is valid for locations in areas we currently serve.  Contact us to determine if you are within our covered areas, if not we'd be happy to arrange a custom deal and have you join the Phamily! 

Pricing information for PharmLabs Sampling & Transportation Services

Please note: For same day pick ups, we will make every attempt to pick up by 8pm so long as someone will be available at your facility. Please note that sampling times may very depending on the product, size of the batch and number of batches. If you contact us prior to noon and we are unable to pick up the same day before 8pm, we will cover the cost of random sampling the next day. This does not include testing and testing credits. 

Due to the continuing expected changes in regulations, as new information about PharmLabs Sampling and Transportation becomes available, it will be added to this page!

PharmLabs may change pricing at any time, to adjust to changes in the market and demands. Any changes will not affect Phamily Memberships for their current annual term. Per the Bureau of Cannabis Control Emergency Regulations ยง 5305. Testing Sample(a) The distributor shall ensure that the batch size from which the sample is taken meets the requirements of this division. Batches must be 50lbs or less.