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California Hemp Testing Program (HTP)Pdf

  • HEMP Testing Program (HTP)
    • A. Baseline Soil (pesticides, heavy metals)
    • B. Baseline Water (pesticides, heavy metals, microbials)
    • C. Baseline Plant Tissue (pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, potency)
    • D. Contamation Screen Plant (pesticides, heavy metals)
    • E. Harvest Optimization (potency)
    • F. Compliance for Preharvest
    • G. Compliance Final Goods

  • HEMP BIOMASS VERIFICATION - $625 Per Batch + Sampling Fee of $250 for Unlimited Samples Per Day
    • PharmLabs Hemp Biomass Verification Services, which we refer to as a type of insurance for high dollar value transactions that ensures the biomass sold or purchased is the optimal cannabinoid potency and free of contamination to ensure a fair negotiation and transaction for both parties. Our Hemp Biomass Verification Services include testing and analyzation of pesticides, heavy metals, microbials, and potency.

    • Analytic Data Review and Presentations allows an expert to statistically review and present large amounts of testing data and find correlations and patterns to help optimize the business and maximize profits.


    • CALIFORNIA: County Hemp THC Free Verification is required by CA counties and local municipalities to ensure a hemp crop is below the total THC level of 0.3% (3 mg/g) before harvest. PharmLabs is trained and approved by CA County Agricultural Inspectors.

Hemp Testing Program (HTP)

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  • CONFIRM COMPLIANCE FOR LOCAL AND FEDERAL LAWS that the planted crops are below the required THC levels of .3%
  • Ensure the plants genetics match the COA's provided by the seed vendors
  • Monitor THC levels weekly to ensure the levels are under .3% so an alert for emergency harvest can be executed
  • Identify contamination issues early through microbiological, heavy metal and pesticide screenings
  • Early awareness of the final harvested crops monetary value
  • Maximize profit through perfectly timed harvesting and optimizing potency levels on the plant
  • Lock in sales contracts before harvest with early cannabinoid ratio confirmations

Hemp Biomass Verification Services Pdf

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  • Recognise the value of the biomass from obtaining the knowledge of the mg/g content of the cannabinoids to help negotiate the fairest deal
  • Ensuring the hemp biomass batch is below 3 mg/g (.3 %) of THC which will keep the transactions legal
  • Identify contaminations such as pesticides and heavy metals in the biomass which can cause issues down the road concerning the purity of the final cannabis manufactured good
  • We have proprietary methods for collecting representative samples from hemp biomass batches including the collection of core samples from compressed bales with state-of-the-art scientific sampling equipment

PharmLabs HTP VS CA County mandatory THC-free testing Pdf

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  • Multiple cannabinoid potency tests from 11 locations across the field to gather statistically significant data
  • Multiple data points over time
  • Analysis of possible contaminants
  • Verify that the total THC level is ALWAYS below the federal limit
  • Optimize the harvest timing to ensure maximum CBD concentration
  • Alert to possible worrying trends across the field
  • Ensure product safety

CALIFORNIA Regulations for Industrial Hemp Cultivation