Last updated: July 20, 2017

PharmLabs will come to you!

PharmLabs Random Sampling and transportation service makes the testing process a breeze! Our mission is to provide random batch sampling for the cannabis industry using a proven scientific method to ensure accurate representation of a submitted laboratory sample. PharmLabs LLC will ensure that you and your products are compliant with the new California law for cannabis random sampling and transportation. This proven random sampling method will increase testing accuracy by ensuring the test sample is an accurate representation of a batch and ensure the health and safety of consumers.
One of our trained laboratory staff and/or a third party courier service that is licensed, bonded and specializing in laboratory sampling and transportation will come on site to your location. The sampling specialist will collect samples using a scientifically proven method for random sampling.


The cost for certified random sampling and safe and secure transportation to the laboratory starts out at only $100 per visit! Sampling includes safe and secure transportation and there are no limits on the number of samples to be collected and transported. There is a service fee to show up on site and the first half hour is included in the service fee! Every hour after that in 15 minute increments will be charged at the hourly rate.

MOBILE MINIMUM FEE - $100 on site fee
HOURLY RATE - $40 an hour


  1. Call the laboratory any time to request a sample pick up at 619-356-0898 and press option #1 for Intake Sample Specialist.
  2. All sample testing, sampling and transportation must be prepaid before pick up. Please call the lab at 619-356-0898 and press option #1 to purchase credits over the phone. You can also mail payment or drop by in person to our laboratory. Drivers will not accept payments.
  3. As another option PharmLabs clients can enter the samples directly into their PharmWare online account and print labels to adhere to the COC as well. Samples will show as in transit in the system until the lab takes possession and scans in the samples from the courier. Once that is completed the status will be updated as “RECEIVED” in the system.
  4. If a third party driver is used, they will identify themselves as the courier representing PharmLabs for random sampling and transportation. The driver must be granted entry to your location, or have an employee come out and meet the courier in the lobby. If this will be an issue, please let us know.
  5. Chain of custody (COC) forms will be provided to you or can be printed from PharmLabs website here under the “ABOUT&SERVICES” drop down menu. Scroll down and click on the “Chain of Custody” link. For all pick-ups, please have this form completed before the third party driver arrives. Please call the laboratory if you have any questions on how to fill out the COC.
  6. All samples names will be input into the PharmWare LIMS system exactly as written on the COC form and tested accordingly.
  7. The third party driver will confirm all samples listed on the Chain of Custody form are present and the COC is completely filled out.
  8. The employee relinquishing samples from the dispensary and the courier must both sign the chain of custody form confirming receipt of samples.
  9. The employee relinquishing samples must package samples in a sealed or taped bag. Use staples or tamper proof tape to seal.
  10. The minute results are posted, an automated text message will notify the number saved to your PharmLabs online account. Results can be accessed from your account by logging in from