Here is a list of superior providers that test their medicine with PharmLabs San Diego because they care about the safety and well being of their customers! Drop in to one of your local providers listed below to see what tested strains they have available and their results.
a soothing seed collective

A Soothing Seed Collective

chiron holistic

Chiron Holistic

freedom medical association

Freedom Medical Association

greentree express collective, inc.

Greentree Express Collective, Inc.

los primos hermanos

Los Primos Hermanos

neuro farm organic holistic health

Neuro Farm Organic Holistic Health

paradise candy company

Paradise Candy Company

rx hale

RX Hale

sd organic bliss

SD Organic Bliss

the elevated bakery

The Elevated Bakery

top hat delivery services

Top Hat Delivery Services

weedease organics

Weedease Organics

zen mountain inc

Zen Mountain Inc